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Web Application Development

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We pride ourselves in developing web applications that powers your business. We take time to understand your needs and objectives of having a web presence, and also strive to achieve these objectives as well as continuously measure on how the website/application is meeting these objectives. We developed power and maintain mission critical web and intranet portals in Nigeria including the Punch web portal, Central Bank of Nigeria's Small and Medium Enterprises Information Systems (SMEIS) and TELL news portal etc. Ancillary businesses in this area include our award winning hosting solutions, domain name registration and management services, webportal maintenance etc.

Furthermore, we have noticed that several applications exist in different organisational silos and integration is often times difficult, if at all, possible. We have developed several application plug-ins and web services to connect disparate applications and systems. We have also utilized the intranet as an effective and efficient means of integrating organisational applications. We have developed integration solutions for print and Web Content Management Systems (CMS) for the News media industries as well as Microfinance Banking Industry in Africa and Asia.

The overall goal for our web application development project is to provide a comprehensively designed website for your organisation that will reflect their new status and appeal to their information-seeking and more youthful audience. It will provide information, news, and rich interactivity for its web visitors, amongst others.  The new website is intended to complement the brand image of your organisation, and drive traffic to encourage return visits.

ATLAS SYSTEMS will design a creative, professional, and interactive website with:

  • Easy and user-friendly site navigation.
  • Fast loading capabilities
  • Browser compatibility
  • High definition images
  • Professional colour utilization, using the corporate brand colours of your organisation
  • Interactive features for supplier, staff and customers
  • Seamless navigation layout
  • All information displayed on the website in a nice and easy presentation format.

The above requirements are targeted at achieving the following objectives for your organisation:

a) A website that will serve as a shop window for the organization and act as an online resource.
b)  A website that will lead to an increase in traffic, product awareness, generate sales, offer e-commerce and recruitment services.
c)  A website that  will  effectively  represent your organisation’s  flagship  products
d) A website that can render is several languages to meet the needs of your organisation’s multilingual global
e)  A website that will provide a competitive edge above industry standard for its accessibility and the availability of relevant information and news about your organization.
f)   A website that allows for regular updating of news and information on the site as often as needed.
g)  A website that will effectively support current and future promotional efforts.
h) Use of the website as a marketing tool to attract, retain and grow a user base.
i)  A website that will act as a warehouse of information to the international community and various stakeholders of the organisation, including the internal and external customers
j)  A website that will be an effective medium to track feedback on services offered