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Paysite is a payment gateway that allows business owners to receive payment on their web portal. Paysite offers a single payment integration platform supporting all cards solutions e.g. Verve, Mastercard, Visa, eTranzact, Interswitch cards. The evolution of Paysite will enable business owners   use a single interface for integration contrary to what was obtainable previously  having to separately  integrate  to different payment switch (e.g. Verve, Mastercard, Visa, eTranzact, Interswitch). Paysite benefits business as it reduces the cost of integrating with each vendor because   it unifies all payment platforms including online cash loan payment at the bank. Paysite is “proudly Nigerian”, developed in Nigeria for the Nigerian market to reduce   cost, difficulties and complexity of receiving payment online.

Paysite is integrated into a website / portal of the payday loans Business to enable   payments to be collected via the website. Customers  is able to use any of their cards (debit or credit) and make payment to the School.  Below are the processes in making a payment using PaySight.

  1. The Customer will visit the Company's website
  2. The Customer goes to the Purchase   section of the Company’s website to carry out a transaction requiring payment. After Purchase, the Customer sees the summary of the transaction and then proceeds to payment.
  3. On clicking “Pay”, the Customer is directed to the Paysite Gateway, the Parents/Guidance enters basic details e.g. Name, Email etc. These details are used for Audit Trail.
  4. The Customer after entering the details is then allowed to select a card processor (Interswitch, eTranzact, MasterCard or Visa)
  5. Depending on the card selected for payment the customer is directed to the appropriate Processor for processing payment.
  6. Customers enter the required card information and the card processor debits the cardholder’s account and transfers the value to the merchant.

Below is a schematic of the transaction flow


NOTE: Neither Paysite nor the business owners nor the merchant keeps the customer Personal Identification Number (PIN) or card details. The customer is interacting with the card processors for ALL payment processing.



Security Compliance

Our online payment gateway guarantees secured and safe online transactions using the electronic cards. It protects the electronic card details by encrypting sensitive information, ensuring the information is passed securely between the customer and the card processor.  We do not process any transaction on our website, all payment processing take place on Interswitch or Visa payment platforms.

Instant payment

Online payment gateway means payments can be authorized in real-time guaranteeing the availability of funds. Funds are then automatically transferred from Paysite account to that of the merchants.

Reduced Overheads

Online payment gateways save card processing time and free up resources to help improve your customer services. It means that no manual intervention is required, hence freeing resources. Online payment gateways can also be expanded to use a recurring payment solution.

Safe Transactions

Paysite brings a safer way to move cash without physically holding the cash, thereby eliminating the risk of robbery attacks.


Paysite enables the movement of cash payment for goods and services electronically with the use of debit/credit cards in the comfort of your room or office.

Audit Trail

There’s a record log of all transaction for easier tracking.



Integration and settlement into Merchant Account



N 50,000



Transaction Fee (Paysight)

1% of Transaction fee up to a maximum of N2,000


Note: Please note that Interswitch transaction fees apply.