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Digital Marketing & Advertising

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Within our digital marketing solution services, we help your organisation excel in your digital marketing strategy through the following products and services

a. QR Code and Augmented Reality (AR)
We show you how to use QR code for marketing your products and services. We also deploy AR solutions to fit your business objectives and help you use this internet-based tool to your business advantage. Augmented reality is an artificial environment that is presented to the user in such a way the user feels it as a real environment.

AR is a technology that blends in additional information into an ordinary environment. This extra information isn’t visible to the ordinary eye, but can be accessed with mobile phones and tablets.

Illustration: William is reading the politics section of a tabloid. To heighten William’s excitement and engagement, the print is augmented such that with a mobile device (cell phone or tablet), he can simply turn on the camera view of his device over the paper article to pop up video, or audio clip of a political discuss before his eyes as if he’s watching a television or listening to a radio.

For better illustration: See the attached video file, or copy the link below to a browser for more explanations and applications of virtual reality
b. Internet Marketing
Our internet marketing portal gives you the power to manage your internet marketing objectives as well as end to end digital media management and payment. With our custom built portal, you will be able to seamlessly carry out the following
  • Registered users will be able to post new campaigns. Login also possible by Facebook, Twitter and Google user accounts
  • Campaign owners will be able to leave reviews of their campaigns and rate campaigns using a rating algorithm for each of the medium or media used
  • Campaign owners will be able to leave comments on campaigns, both before and after the campaigns
  • Ability for users to become “Affiliates” by registering on a scheme that will allow them make money by bringing campaigns that are eventually published and paid for
  • Ability to make payments for campaigns using PaySight (our payment solution)
  • Ability to specify campaign objectives (Select from list – improved revenues, improved engagement with customers, improved social media presence, improved online visibility etc.)
  • Ability to specify budget (Minimum budget is N10,000)
  • Ability to specify the media to be used for the campaign. Media options include:
Google Adwords
You Tube
Whats App (Targetted)
Blackberry (Targetted)
Popular Blogs (Linda, Nairaland and BellaNaija)
News portal (Vanguard, Punch, This Day, The Nation, LEADERSHIP, Sahara Reporters, Premium Times)
Bulk SMS (Free SMS directory from
Bulk Email (Free Email directory from
Etc. (To be added later)
c. Search Engine Optimization
We have observed that not many online businesses are robust enough to survive without the traffic to their websites and the associated sales. We believe that part of the reasons why you are not getting enough Organic search engines and traffic to your website include:
  • Your website may not have proper On-page set up according to Google guidelines.
  • Your MAIN keywords are not carefully selected to be in TOP Ranks in Google SERP.
  • Your Site may be having less number of back links.
  • Inappropriate technical setup according to search engine optimization rules which helps search engine to index and crawl frequently to provide increased visibility in SERP.

Our company offers you a more effective and more affordable solution to achieve the objectives for which your website is set up! We can put your website on the first page of Google Search Result Page which will enable Internet users to easily find your products or services.. Our SEO experts can provide you with a free detailed audit report of your SEO capability and also compare with your nominated competitors.

Our experience has shown that organic searches are more trusted than sponsored ads and seems to convert better if the site is optimized correctly.  The feedback we get from our clients is that their customers find them because they are at the top of the Google search rankings.

Our team will be glad to present you a proposal that not only improve your site visibility in SERP but it will also build a brand for your business. We work with Google algorithmic updates (Google Panda, Google Penguin). Our SEO plans depend upon the number of keyword you choose for your SEO.

For 6 Keyword Price in US Dollars Monthly $ 149 USD
For 10 Keyword Price in US Dollars Monthly $ 249 USD
For 20 Keyword Price in US Dollars Monthly $ 499 USD
For 40 Keyword Price in US Dollars Monthly $ 999 USD
For 80 Keyword Price in US Dollars Monthly $ 1499 USD

Please let us know your requirements and we will be happy to turn in a proposal in 48 hours!