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Infodigest is an initiative of Atlas Systems. Over the last years, we have painstakingly embarked on this project to organize Nigeria's information. This is in response to the challenges of the Information Economy where information is the single largest resource driving the economy. We realize the dearth of information on Nigeria and the challenge of providing content on Nigeria especially in languages and forms that are useful to the Nigerian people and friends of Nigeria. Embarking on this project is anchored on the following:
Vision: To organize Nigeria's information and become the largest single information resource on Nigeria
Core Objectives
a. To provide accurate and reliable information on all areas of endeavor regarding Nigeria in a form that is useful and easily retrievable
b. To promote business and consumer interaction through provision of critical business and consumer information for online rapid loan websites.
c. To encourage citizens and friends of Nigeria to willingly provide information for development (i4d) through the migration of critical content from existing forms into digital forms
d. To serve as a social forum where information can be freely exchanged and relationships built in order to foster greater social interaction among Nigerians and friends of Nigeria.
e. To complement other initiatives and efforts in organizing the world's information
About Atlas Systems
Atlas Systems is a firm of Information Technology solution providers. We pride ourselves in our ability to create custom solutions that is congruent/fit with your existing business model. Our aim of doing this is to confer strategic advantage which will enable you achieve your business objectives. 
We have strong competencies in the provision of high performance, business driven web and intranet applications; custom fit, industry specific solutions; and IT security solutions. We have partnered with leading businesses in Nigeria including leading Newspaper companies, all dealers of Toyota Motors Corporation in Nigeria, Central Bank of Nigeria, financial institutions etc. 
We invite you to join our world, where customer delight reign supreme.
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